b'HomeCare WorkerCould you help someone live independently?Who are you helping? with medication. During every visit, no matter the length, the conversations Many of the people we help are older,you have with your clients will be really but there are lots of other reasonspreciousyou may be the only person people need support. For instance,they talk to that day so make it count! I love travelling someone might be managing a condition like arthritis or going througharound looking after a period of recovery or rehabilitation. What can you bring? people and making Are you good at their day betterWhat will you do? Being friendly and interestedby getting toin someones life? know them. Neil You will have a schedule of peopleBringing positivity and cheer? Home Care Worker, North Somersetto visit and you will travel to their homes. Your role is to supportHelping people do things for someone with their daily routinesthemselves, such asYou can also consider. (including helping them preparehousekeeping?meals, get up, dressed and washed),Extra care housinghelping someone do simple activities and household chores, and helpingYou could also be a Personal Assistant, where you are employed directly by a client or self-employed. There are different ways you can configure this. You could have several clients or be dedicated to just one client. You could provide long-term or short-term support. The kind of support you give and hours you do will depend on the needs of your client, and will be down to you to agree. You can find more information here.15 16'