b'Could you Lucys story.care for a living?Before the pandemic I always wanted to work in care, but I was nervous about entering the industry and the tasks involved, so I fell into catering. Whether youre looking The pandemic gave me for a new challenge, or taking your firstan opportunity to work in care whilst the catering steps into the world of work. Heres whyindustry closed down. care could be right for you: I am so pleased I took the plunge into care work. What you could bring I will never look back. What you could give Its better than I imagined It takes great social skills, likeand even more rewarding being friendly, compassionateYour work will transform someonesthan I expected.and patient to be a good carelife, enabling them to stayliving in their own home, or toworker. You can draw on yourlive to their fullest potential. I am so own life experiences, like caring for family and friends. Every day, you will make apleased I took meaningful difference. the plunge.Lucy, Care Worker, What you could receive Where it could lead Weston-super-MareYou can find a working patternThe health and care sector is to fit your life and will be trainedlarge and growing. If you want on the job. Teams often have ato try something new or develop, family feel to them, and therethere are opportunities to learn is NHS-backed free wellbeingnew skills and progress into a support if you need it. range of roles.3 4'