b'Supported or assisted livingCan you help someone live life to their fullest potential?Who are you helping? What can you bring?You might be helping someone with aAre you good at Cristina (on the right) is long-term or complex health condition, one of several carers who a learning disability, or someoneUnderstanding how someone elderly looking for regular support. communicates and standingsupport Katy. Cristina up for their needs? fits her shifts around Providing steady emotional What will you do? support? her further training and Being patient andhopes to one day be a You will provide direct support toencouraging? Social Worker.one person or a small group ofUp for trying new things? Cristina people living together. Depending on Support Worker, Bristolindividual needs, you will provide a mixUp for going on trips and of practical support and emotionaloutings together?support. You may also spend timeYou can also consider. helping someone achieve their goals (including work and hobbies), andShared lives carers standing up for their needs. You could also consider becoming a Shared lives carer. Under a shared lives scheme, someone would come to live in your home long-term or forshort breaks (one week per month, for instance). During their stay, you would treat them as part of your family as well as provide the support they need. These paid roles are organised through your local council. You can find more information here.13 14'