b'How can What could you earn? Level 3 apprenticeships. Beyond Level you develop? Each care company sets its own3, you could specialise in management salaries, benefits and training arrangements. or another support service discipline.Many of the advertised care jobs areIf you are interested in a health or entry-level roles, paying the livingcare profession, such as nursing, wage and above. If you want to climbphysiotherapy or social work, you can Becoming a care worker could be a first step on anup the ladder, many care companiesjump to a Level 5 apprenticeship. For interesting working journey. Here are some of theoffer a pathway through Level 2 andmore information, see Skills for Care.routes that could open up for you.Typical hourly rateStay put and enjoy Take on management your current role responsibility 19Not everyone wants to progress You work towards becoming a18 A Recommended starting level for Registered and many are happy to stay whereRegistered Manager, which qualifiesManagers around 33,247-37,576 per annum. they are.you to run care homes and care17Rather than progress a career, youservices. Steps along the waycan take advantage of opportunitiesinclude becoming a Senior Care to develop your people skills andWorker and Team Leader. Another16build your life experience.option is becoming an Education B Team leaders and deputy managersand Training Manager. 15 can earn this.Train as a nursingExplore other care and14professional healthprofessions 13You can apply for a nursingYou could go on to train as a Social12 C Senior care workers can earn this.apprenticeship after completingWorker, or another specialist ina Level 3 Healthcare Support Workersocial care. There are also 14 Allied apprenticeship. You can go all theHealth Professions you could go 11way to becoming a Registered Nurse,onto train in, including Art Therapists, or you can find the level thats rightOccupational Therapists, 10 Entry-level care workers can earn infor you, staying at a Nurse AssociateParamedics, Radiographers andD this range.level if that suits you. Physiotherapists. 919 20'