b'How do IFor more information to inform your local job search, including links to detailed role descriptions and find a job? current vacancies go to:beproudtocare.co.ukHere are some tips to help your jobYou can get in touch with us at: search. Or get in touch and we canproudtocare@bristol.gov.uk help you explore the roles available. proudtocare@n-somerset.gov.ukProudToCare@SouthGlos.gov.ukWhat role is What employer is What vacancies areright for me? right for me? there right now?Think about the skills you can bring,Find out which organisationsAll local jobs in care are listed on the the working environment youdprovide care services in your area. Proud to Care websites, accessible prefer, the role you can play, and theLook at their websites and seevia beproudtocare.co.uk.kind of relationship youd like to buildwhat values they prioritise in theirIf you go to an interview, employers with the person you could care for.descriptions and recruitmentwill want to find out about the See pages 9-10 for a decision mapadvertising. Use your network toqualities you can bring - the and pages 11-18 for more detailtalk to anyone who might use theirquestions listed on pages11, 13 and about each type of role. service or work there. 15 can help you think about these.21 22'